Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Spirituality and You

You are the kind of person, Jodi, who will always be asking that question. You will always be searching for the meaning of life.
~ Michelle MacNeill, spring 2007

Yesterday I had coffee with a new friend. I met her about four months ago through work. She had previously worked for the same company and I had to reverse some charges because things were not managed properly. I never asked at the time, but I was always curious about why she left. Regardless, there was a reason why we met and yesterday this reason began to come to light.

I may not be a religious person, but I am spiritual. We all are, we just don't recognize it.

There are rare moments and rare people that I will remember for the rest of my life. I believe this is one of them. I arrived late for our coffee date, and I apologised profusely. "Not use to this free schedule," was my excuse. (I later admitted that I was in the process of ending a relationship. Her response was that relationships never end. That's a topic for another posting, though...) She didn't mind. Her life is fairly open right now. And she is so at peace. We discussed that peace for the rest of the conversation. I was so inspired throughout the entire conversation that I knew the day would continue to shine.

I've had so many signs from the universe in the last six months. I need to follow them, and in less of a self-satisfying, immediate response. I'm inspired to invest more time in getting towards my goals. I feel like I've coasted along to this spot right here. It's been tough....but boring. I just existed. Now I need to work hard and get my act together. But, I can't push my soul to get there.

I watched this amazing interview of this man who proposes that our soul planned our life before we were born. Every challenge we face is a lesson our soul wanted to learn. These lessons exist on a timeline, but we are not predestined to follow one path. We have free will. If we learn our lesson before we were supposed to, another plan comes into play. I'm still digesting a lot of what the video had to teach me.

I'll discuss this revelation in the next few days. In the meantime, I have to go volunteer. A treat for my soul! ;-)

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