Monday, 10 January 2011


n: the provision of assistance or financial support (as from a government or foundation)

The earliest documented subvention for the science museum was a grant from the federal government in 1853.

Did You Know?

A subvention is a form of assistance, so it should come as no surprise that the word itself can be traced back to the Late Latin noun subventio, meaning "assistance." Subventio in turn derives from Latin subvenire, meaning "to come up" or "to come to the rescue." (Another descendant of subvenire in English is the more common word "souvenir") "Subvention" also functions as a verb meaning "to provide with a subvention." The verb "subvention" is a very uncommon word, and it has the equally uncommon synonym "subvent."

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In my world...

It has been suggested that I take a subvention, while getting my writing underway. My reluctance to do so makes me think that being from Saskatchewan was all a hoax: I'm too capitalist to do rely on socialism for my crazy ideas; however, I think nothing less of artists who take grants...

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