Wednesday, 17 November 2010

How To Be Alone

This post was originally supposed to be published on my music blog, ; however, I am tired and did not select the right blog when sharing the link. Regardless, this artist is SOOOOOOOO good, I would like to include her on this blog as well.


Tanya Davis' third album was released last week, and as it happens with indie Canadian artists who rock, her single was featured on CJSR's Top 30 List this morning. She is my artistic discovery for the day...and what a fabulous find!

This "song" borderlines on song. There is music, but it is merely the background. The song is spoken word, which often makes the best song anyways. For those who love lyrics, I'm sure you'll love this poet.

If I could draw this song, it would be a sun dollar...luckily for us all, a fellow artist created this video to go along with the song. Together, they have created a much better image than a sun dollar. This is why collaboration is important. But she's is also important to know how to be alone...

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