Thursday, 16 December 2010

Having An Amazing Week...

I was asked how I was doing this evening. I have a rule about not lying when asked that question (see last post), and therefore told the young woman the truth:

"Great! Yeah, this is an amazing week! And, you know what, I've had some really crappy weeks this year. For some reason, in my life, especially this year, when it rains, it POURS cats and dogs - both in the terrible way and in the fabulous way."

I went on to explain the sets of three that have cursed my life twice in the last six months. For the sake of other people involved, I'll try to never discuss those issues publicly, but it has definitely been a trying year for many of the people close to me. I've been really good in seeing the silver lining in many of the situations, but sometimes you just can't shine a positive light on tragedy.

Tragedy is a part of life, though. As Buddha taught us, Life is Struggle. The struggle makes our sweet release from life amazing, not terrifying. On our way to that release, though, we have to learn how to handle the struggle - not control it, nor resist it, but cope with it.

My thoughts on this began last Saturday. By just looking at one area of my life, I could list off many problems that have appeared over the last twelve months. On the other hand, though, I thought of three amazing events that happened in that same realm of my life. Once I started to think about it, smaller happier events crept in and I became so happy thinking about what great luck we have to be basking in those happy events. I'm not gonna say that it makes the sad parts any less sad, but allowing myself to dwell in the happy rather than the sad brings me joy. So, I'm gonna try to focus on the AMAZING things going so well in my life right now, rather than the unfortunate situations that have been brought to light over the last year.

Top Five Happy Moments Of Today:
- filling my fridge and freezer with vegetables after going to the grocery store for the first time in two weeks!
- hanging out with two amazing people that I've had the pleasure of hanging out with over the last month
- Jito lying in my lap as I typed this entire post (he's very cuddly after our fire alarm this morning!)
- having lunch with one of my best friends at my FAV veggie cafe, Cafe Mosaics! - and discussing how great it is to have friendships that require so little work, but bring such great joy to life!
- chatting FOR AN HOUR with a best friend of mine that I haven't seen in a year!

Think about it - what were your top five moments today?

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